Virtual races (or virtual runs) are races you run or walk anywhere, any time, and at your own pace. Many are just like in-person races, but instead of a specific time and location, you can participate from anywhere, including a treadmill.

How virtual races work

While each race provider will have a slightly different approach, you’ll generally start by registering for a virtual race, which is where you’ll select the rewards you want to receive (like a medal, t-shirt etc.), if they’re offered.

From there, you complete the distance. Most races tend to be walking/running focused, but other distance-based activities like cycling and swimming have events too.

When you complete your target distance, the race is effectively over. Some race providers require you to sync your activity from a tracker or via GPS, some don’t.

Race medals and t-shirts

One of the main reasons many people participate in races, whether in person or virtually, is the swag. Many virtual races include the option to receive a finishers medal or other race swag like t-shirts, certificates or race bibs. Participating virtually means these items simply get mailed to you rather than handed to you in person.

Advantages of virtual races over in-person events

In-person races can be a lot of fun, but they are tied to specific dates, times, and locations, and typically have a time limit, which means you can’t simply walk or run at your own pace.

Virtual races, on the other hand, allow you to start any time, and walk/run anywhere, including indoors or on a treadmill. And because you’re not at the mercy of event organizers, you can typically go at your own pace. You don’t have to travel, and some come with great apps that include features like leaderboards and progress tracking.

Virtual runs also allow greater freedom to do longer distances than in-person races usually allow. While ultramarathons and long-distance races exist, most people aren’t up for participating in one go. Virtual races allow you to tackle longer distances (for example, 100+ miles) at your own pace, providing a longer, arguably more rewarding challenge.

Why do The Outbreak™ virtual races?

Ok, so you’re on board for doing a virtual race, but why choose The Outbreak™?

The Outbreak™ turns your virtual race into an interactive adventure game. Rather than just show your progress on a map or with a picture slideshow, in The Outbreak™, each virtual race is a mission in the zombie wasteland. You’ll use the steps and exercise you get toward your race distance target to run from and do battle with all manners of zombie creatures on an interactive adventure with a story that unfolds over time.

The best activity syncing and group features. The Outbreak™ syncs your activity directly from your smartphone or favorite wearable, so you never have to worry about counting miles or distance. While you can play solo, The Outbreak™ has both cooperative and competitive play, both within each race, and seasonally with community leaderboards.

Incredible swag. The Outbreak™ has one-of-a-kind finishers medals (an optional addon) and ultra-soft race tees that are sure to stand out in your collection.