Update 2.19 is a big one, tying 3 new systems together to vastly enhance your experience playing The Outbreak.

Elimination of Time Limits/Implementation of Finisher Trophies

We’ve received a lot of comments that led us to conclude that our time limits were being perceived as goals, when we intended them to be regarded as deadlines. Deadlines to be beaten. So we removed them.

You now have 365 days to complete any of our races, however, you will receive a digital finisher trophy for completing each race.

The faster you finish, the better your trophy. Better trophies unlock mission-based gear and award bonus leaderboard stars (more on that below).

Your pace is broken down into 5 tiers: Bronze at 3,000 average steps per day up to Diamond at 15,000 average steps per day. Keep at 15K and you’ll finish your race at the Diamond tier for maximum rewards.

Mission Based Gear

Each mission will now “drop” 1-5 pieces of mission themed gear. You’ll get 1 piece per trophy tier. Complete the mission in the fastest possible time (average 15K+ steps per day) and you’ll get the complete set!

Each set of gear is themed to the mission itself and only achievable inside that mission.

check out the new gear

Seasonal Leaderboards

Starting this Summer, each season (summer, fall, winter, spring) all Outbreak players will compete on a seasonal leaderboard using our new star system. You can earn stars several ways.

  • First, you earn 1 star every 3,000 steps per day, up to a maximum daily star count of 5 stars (15,000 steps).
  • Second you earn bonus stars for each trophy tier you earn in the mission (up to 5x).
  • Third you get a TEAM BONUS that combines with your mission trophy bonus at the end of each mission (up to 5x).

Complete a mission on a team of 5+ at the Diamond level for maximum bonus.

Lastly there is a Race Weight bonus. The longer the race, the more inherently difficult it is and the more overall stars you’ll be able to earn.

The formula for bonus stars is: Team Size (up to 5) x Trophy Tier (up to 5) x Race difficulty (up to 9)

We will be using seasonal leaderboards in more promotions and recognition as our journey continues.

Medal-less Races

Now you can choose to do any race with or without a medal. Going without a medal is a great option for those looking for a lower cost entry into our events or who want to replay Missions to get better gear for your character. If you start medal-less and change your mind, we’ve made it super easy to upgrade to a medal once you finish your race.