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Play as a human and rid the world of the zombie scourge

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Play as a zombie and conquer the human survivors

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More than a virtual race… an interactive fitness adventure

The Outbreak is far more than a glorified map or postcard viewer. In The Outbreak app you’ll go on an interactive zombie survival adventure where your real-world activity informs how you progress, and if you’ll survive. Complete virtual race missions to earn epic finishers medals.

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The Outbreak zombie virtual races

Crush your fitness goals by using your real-world steps and exercise to complete missions in the wasteland and earn epic finishers medals. Each mission is connected to the larger Outbreak world and uncovers a piece of the ongoing story.

virtual run with medal

Season 1, race 1

It’s finally happened… zombies have taken over! A message is looping on the radio: There’s a bunker 60 miles outside the city and it’s taking in survivors for 30 days before the doors seal for good. Will you escape the city or be turned by the horde?

60 miles | 30-day max

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Season 1, race 2

The Happyvale nuclear power plant is on the verge of disaster. You have 60 days, max, to make the 110-mile trek on foot to shut down the reactor and prevent nuclear meltdown from creating an unstoppable army of radioactive zombies.

110 miles | 60-day max

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NEW! Season 1, race 3

A grueling race against time to break the siege of the Wardens’ treetop fortress, Crusoe, is complicated when a ravenous pack of zombie wolves picks up your scent. With the wolfpack hot on your heels you’ll have to move quick if you’re to survive and save The Wardens.

90 miles | 45-day max

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NEW! Season 1, race 4

Take a walk on the zombie side and play as a newly-turned zombie on a “recruitment” mission to outrun an angry human mob while satisfying your insatiable hunger for brains. Switch sides to play as a zombie in the first of our Zombie Play series.

60 miles | 30-day max

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Season 0, race 1

Your normally safe and comfortable University town has been overrun by Zombies and the military will carpet bomb the entire area in a 25 mile radius in 3 days.

This special side mission does not include a medal.

25 miles | 3-day max

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Medals aren’t your thing? Try one of our 2-6 week timed Outbreak Challenges.

Supports all your favorite wearables and apps

The Outbreak syncs directly with popular devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit and Garmin, or you can sync your activity from your favorite wearable or fitness app through Apple Health (on iOS) or Google Fit (on Android). 

Don’t have a wearable? No problem! The Outbreak can sync steps using just your smartphone.

there’s no other virtual RUN like the outbreak, but  You don’t have to take our word for it

With over 2,800 reviews and counting, The Outbreak has a stellar 4.8 / 5 rating on the App Store.