How are virtual races played?

All Outbreak missions are played on your mobile device. Our Virtual Race Series are distance based missions. You will use your steps to travel from the start to the safehouse while using your Power to defeat obstacles along the way!

Once you have reached the safehouse, your race is completed and your medal will be shipped to you.


When your team reaches an obstacle, your progress will be stopped until you defeat the obstacle. Obstacles can range from everyday packs of zombies to Boss encounters.

To defeat an obstacle, tap the “Obstacle” button (roadblock icon) to view the obstacle details and spend your Power to defeat it.

You can adjust the slider to choose how much Power to spend to defeat more or less enemies at a time.

Obstacles scale to the size of your team, so the more team members you have, the more enemies you’ll have to overcome.


Power is your exercise activity outside of walking or running.

  • Power is a currency you can spend to conduct in-game actions like defeating zombies, passing obstacles, and can also be used to heal your character.
  • You earn power by syncing in your exercise: 1 activity minute = 1 Power (i.e. 60 minutes of exercise = 60 Power).
  • If you have Power in your Power Bank, and your health is not full, Tap the “Regain Health” button (red medical kit) to spend Power on regaining your health.

See How do I get power in troubleshooting to learn how to add a workout to your health app.

How are Challenges played?

All Outbreak missions are played on your mobile device. Our Challenge Series missions are time based and range from 2-6 weeks. 

There are 2 different difficulty levels to choose from (Standard or Extreme) depending on how active your group is.

Challenges are played out in chapters with each week being a new chapter. Teams will compete each week and earn VP (victory points) for doing things like defeating obstacles, reaching the team “daily step goal” and arriving at  the safehouse. See Victory Points for more info on VP and scoring.

Keep in mind that at the beginning of each new chapter, everyone’s steps and power will return to zero. All VP will remain to be added together with each new chapter’s VP earned.

The team that has earned the most VP at the end of the challenge is the winner!

What are Victory Points?

Victory points or VP are points earned by a team for reaching each week’s safehouse, achieving the team’s daily steps goal and defeating obstacles. Earning VP is how the game is scored and will determine the winning team in a Challenge. See How can my team earn VP for more information.

How can my team earn vp?

  • Reach a Safehouse: 1 VP
  • Bonus for reaching the Safehouse first: 3 VP
  • Bonus for reaching the Safehouse second: 2 VP
  • Finish a chapter without losing any members to the zombie horde: 1 VP
  • Defeat an Obstacle: 1 VP
  • Reach Team daily step goal: 1 VP

How do I check the score?

To check the score, tap on the GAMEBOARD MENU in the lower-right of the gameboard, then tap on the LEADERBOARD icon.

You will see 3 options at the top: Today/This Chapter/This Mission

Today: Shows you the team rankings for the day
This Chapter: Shows team rankings for that chapter/week
This Mission: Shows overall rankings

Daily Step Goal

The “Daily Step Goal” is the number your team wants to reach each day. This number will increase each chapter of the Challenge. By reaching the team “Daily Step Goal” your team will earn 1 VP.

What are safehouses?

Safehouses represent each Chapter’s finish line. Your team earns a Victory Point (VP) bonus for reaching each safehouse (the better your place, the more Victory Points your team earns), and once inside, your players are safe from the zombies outside.

What happens if my team does not reach the safehouse in a chapter?

You get shamed publicly in town square!.… JK, you simply do not earn the VP for reaching the safehouse in that chapter.

What if there is a tie in VP?

If two, or more, teams finish a chapter or mission with the same number of VP, the tiebreaker will be team steps.

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