Adventure in the wasteland with virtual races 1-4 in Season 1 of The Outbreak.

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Apocalypse™ virtual race t-shirt


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Brains™ virtual race t-shirt


Always earned, never given. A mighty reward for completing The Outbreak: Escape Virtual Run. Redemption instructions Add this item to your cart and enter your personalized medal redemption code in the coupon code field in your shopping cart. Where’s my redemption code? Redemption codes are emailed to race participants who finish the race within the maximum [...]

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Escape™ virtual race t-shirt

Virtual Race Bundles



Looking to try The Outbreak: Escape zombie virtual race with a team? This 3-pack is the perfect way to get started. Choose your survivor squad and get into the wasteland!


Love virtual races but don’t care about medals? We’ve got you covered! Hash is an intense 25-mile digital-only race, and this 5-pack is the perfect way to get your family or crew together for some zombie smashing fun.


Brains Apparel

Holiday Horrors Hoodie


Holiday Horrors™ virtual race hoodie