The Outbreak Team Fitness Challenges

With workers spread out and in hybrid work environments, it’s more important than ever to support their physical well-being and keep them connected. The Outbreak™ is a set of virtual team building fitness challenges that task your workers with surviving in the (family friendly) zombie apocalypse. Teams use their real-world steps to outrun the hungry zombie horde and their exercise to battle through obstacles as they race from safehouse to safehouse.

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The Outbreak Challenges

The Tryout

2-week duration

The zombie apocalypse is here. A remaining group of survivors is being taught how to move and survive by soldiers. Pass this test to join the citizen Vanguards.

$5.00 per participant

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Desert Dash

4-week duration

A new faction of survivors is forming and they are making a casino their base of operations. Race through town setting up surveillance and securing the perimeter in this 30 day challenge.

$14.95 per participant

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Ground Zero

6-week duration

There are rumors of a vaccine to the outbreak… that never made it out of the city. Head back to Ground Zero, the heart of zombie infested territory, to search for clues.

$19.95 per participant

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Use this time to build your team while they’re apart.

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