Virtual Races With Medals

Most people struggle to find the motivation to exercise, and even when they do, it’s super boring. That’s why we created The Outbreak™.

The Outbreak™ helps you crush your fitness goals by turning your real-world steps and exercise into an interactive adventure in the zombie wasteland. Jumpstart your motivation and finally have fun with fitness.

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Use your real-world steps and exercise to run from and battle zombies on an interactive fitness adventure in the zombie wasteland.

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adventure solo or with friends

Getting started is simple. Just choose your virtual run, download the app, and get active.




The Outbreak™ virtual runs with medals

Each mission is connected to the larger Outbreak world and uncovers a piece of the ongoing story. Start at the beginning and play through the seasons in sequence, or dive right into the thick of things.

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Season 1, race 1

It’s finally happened… zombies have taken over! A message is looping on the radio: There’s a bunker 60 miles outside the city and it’s taking in survivors for 30 days before the doors seal for good. Will you escape the city or be turned by the horde?

60MI / 96KM | 30-day max

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Season 1, race 2

The Happyvale nuclear power plant is on the verge of disaster. You have 60 days, max, to make the 110-mile trek on foot to shut down the reactor and prevent nuclear meltdown from creating an unstoppable army of radioactive zombies.

110MI / 177KM | 60-day max

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Season 1, race 3

A grueling race against time to break the siege of the Wardens’ treetop fortress, Crusoe, is complicated when a ravenous pack of zombie wolves picks up your scent. With the wolfpack hot on your heels you’ll have to move quick if you’re to survive and save The Wardens.

90MI / 144KM | 45-day max

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Season 1, race 4

Take a walk on the zombie side and play as a newly-turned zombie on a “recruitment” mission to outrun an angry human mob while satisfying your insatiable hunger for brains. Switch sides to play as a zombie in the first of our Zombie Play series.

60MI / 96KM | 30-day max

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Season 1, race 5

Brave zombie elves, robot reindeer, and the biggest, angriest zombie Santa you’ve ever seen as you traverse an excessively large shopping mall to rescue a group of kids who went to the old mega-mall searching for holiday goodies.

95MI / 152KM | 45-day max

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virtual race medal

NEW! Season 2, race 1

Race against the clock to rescue Dr. Janice Flemings, the world’s leading (and possibly last) expert on the zombie virus. She’s currently bunkered in a lab that is under assault by… surprisingly focused and organized Fallen Zombies.

75MI / 120KM | 30-day max

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NEW! Season 2, race 2

The Vanguards learn of a mysterious and deadly cult hiding within the ranks of the Wardens. Tasked with tracking the cult deep in the woods, what the Vanguards find there will change everything they know about the zombie apocalypse.

90MI / 144KM | 45-day max

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Season 0, race 1

Your normally safe and comfortable University town has been overrun by Zombies and the military will carpet bomb the entire area in a 25 mile radius in 7 days.

This special side mission does not include a medal.

25MI / 40KM | 7-day max

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Medals aren’t your thing? Try one of our 2-6 week timed Outbreak Challenges.

Supports all your favorite wearables and apps

The Outbreak™ syncs directly with popular devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit and Garmin, or you can sync your activity from your favorite wearable or fitness app through Apple Health (on iOS) or Google Fit (on Android). 

Don’t have a wearable? No problem! The Outbreak™ can sync steps using just your smartphone. Just remember to bring it with you!


Does The Outbreak™ app need to be open while I walk/exercise?

No. You can walk and exercise throughout the day, then spend your activity in The Outbreak™ app to advance your adventure forward at any time.

How do steps and exercise fit into the experience?

In each Outbreak Mission you’ll be chased from behind by a horde of hungry zombies. If you fall behind, you risk being turned. You stay ahead of the horde and progress toward your distance target using your steps.

Along the way, you’ll run into obstacles that block your path. Obstacles range from everyday packs of zombies to creatures, barricades, and boss villains. You use your exercise to battle/conquer obstacles, as well as heal yourself and/or your teammates when you take health damage.

How do medals work?

Simple, just finish the target distance within the maximum time allowed and we’ll mail you the race’s finisher medal at the end of your race.

We do require that you complete your race to earn its medal, so lace up your shoes and get moving!

How do teams work?

Teams are our favorite way to experience The Outbreak™! It’s easy to get started… you can either purchase race Tickets for your teammates or invite them to purchase their own Tickets to join your Mission.

Teams can be 1-10 players and distance targets are per team member.

For example, if a team of 3 plays Escape™ (a 60-mile race), the team will have to collective cover 180 miles (3 x 60).

Obstacles also scale to your team size, so the bigger your team, the more zombies you’ll have to fight!

Can I choose my own start date?

Yep, start now or schedule it to start at a future date. The world is your oyster!

I already use another exercise app... how does The Outbreak™ fit in?

We’re firm believers that there are already plenty of “trainer” apps out there that guide you through a workout or run. That’s why we designed The Outbreak™ to be complementary to those types of apps. 

You can still you use your favorite exercise app, and when you’re done, open up The Outbreak™ to sync your activity and advance your adventure forward.

In other words, The Outbreak™ is less concerned with how you get your steps and exercise, and more concerned with giving you a why.

I'm a (insert fitness level here)... is The Outbreak™ right for me?

Absolutely! The Outbreak™ is for all fitness levels.

If you’re just starting (or re-starting) your fitness journey, it can be really difficult to self-generate the right amount of motivation and consistency needed to get your fitness routine to embed as a fully-formed lifestyle habit, and The Outbreak™ is a great tool for helping you get there.

If fitness is already part of your lifestyle, The Outbreak™ enhances what you’re already doing by turning your fitness into an interactive adventure. If you’re bored with the same old routines, The Outbreak™ is for you!

there’s no other virtual run like The Outbreak™, but you don’t have to take our word for it

With over 3,700 reviews and counting, The Outbreak™ has a stellar 4.8 / 5 rating on the App Store.